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The Entire 5 DVD Sizzling Bachata Set with Lee "El Gringuito & Kat "La Gata" Purchase and receive FlirtingOnTheFloor with Salsa Absolutely FREE!

Over 8 hours of moves and combinations. This is one of the most comprehensive Bachata sets in the World! Lee "El Gringuito" & Kat "La Gata" are considered two of the best Bachateros in the World! Don't miss out on the Bachata Set that will change the way you dance forever.


The 3 DVD Bachata set with Lee "El Gringuito Fundamentals, Combinations & Dips & Tricks

This 3 DVD Set takes the best of Gringuito's Bachata learning system. There are over 100 + moves in the 3 DVD set. Fundamentals will teach you proper footwork and partner techniques. Get ready to utilize those techniques in combinations with over 25 amazing combinations and bonus moves. Finally, Bachata Dips and Tricks will help you add excitement to your Bachata like never before!


The Bachata Fusion 2 DVD Set Bachata Foreplay & BachaZouk with Lee "El Gringuito & Kat "La Gata

Lee "El Gringuito" and Kat "La Gata" are known for their trend sending Bachata moves. If you ever wanted to add some flavor and hot new moves never seen before, these DVDs are for you. Get ready to stand out on the dance floor after you implement these amazing combinations and styles.

"2010 Latin Dance Instructor of the Year!" - Stuck On Salsa Stuckie Awards

Bachata Fundamentals with Lee "El Gringuito" $24.95 Free Shipping


Get ready to learn principals that will be the foundation to becoming an amazing Bachata dancer. After learning your basic steps our DVD will help develop your dancing to provide a smooth transition into an Intermediate Bachatero. Before long, you will be steaming up the dance floor with Lee "El Gringuito's" sexy style of Bachata.

  • Over 90 Minutes of Running Time
  • Over 10 Practice Combinations
  • Easy to Follow Footwork & Timing for Ladies & Gentlemen
  • Step by Step Instruction and Practice Sessions
  • Fun Teaching Style that will have you Learning Quickly & Efficiently

As Seen in 550 Cities World Wide"
Bachata Combinations with Lee "El Gringuito" $24.95 Free Shipping


Get ready to learn Lee "El Gringuito" Signature Bachata moves. This progressive DVD will teach you a repertoire of moves that will give you the ability to look different every time you step on the dance floor. Fusing various styles, Gringuito's combinations will introduce you to new and unique patterns that can be easily led and followed. With step by step instruction and musical practice sessions, Bachata Combinations will change the way you dance Bachata!

  • Over 110 Minutes of Running Time
  • Over 19 Practice Combinations
  • Crazy Bonus Moves
  • Step by Step Instruction and Practice Sessions


"Lee & Kat, you have taken Bachata to New Heights!"
- Roberto B. Saladin, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the United States of America

Bachata Dips & Tricks with Lee "El Gringuito" $24.95 Free Shipping


Get ready to Spice Up Your Bachata with amazing Dips, Tricks & Combinations. This "LA Style Flair" can be added at key moments in songs to give that extra "punch." You will learn some of our signature moves such as: Bachata Dip, Tango Lift and Hypnotic Bachata to name a few! We will also discuss safety and common elements among moves. Bachata Dips & Tricks will add excitement and flavor to your Bachata!

  • Over 120 Minutes of Running Time
  • Over 19 Jaw Dropping Combinations, Dips & Tricks
  • Exciting Bonus Moves
  • Step by Step Instruction and Practice Sessions
  • Never Before Seen Moves Bachata


"After watching Bachata Foreplay, you will need a cold shower and a cigarette!"
-Attendees of the Sexy & Sensual Festival London, UK

Bachata Foreplay with Lee "El Gringuito" & Kat "La Gata" $24.95 Free Shipping


Lee "El Gringuito" & Kat "La Gata" SPICE THINGS UP with Bachata Foreplay, the Sexiest Dance DVD Ever Created! Bachata Foreplay is an escalation in moves from sexy to sizzling to just UNBELIEVABLE! You will learn techniques to add a sizzling flair to your Bachata. In this DVD, you will learn explosive moves for the new style of Bachataton infusing Hip Hop, Reggaeton and R&B into Bachata melodies, with such artists as Xtreme, Marcy's Place, Toby Love & Bachata Heightz.

  • Over 90 Minutes of Running Time
  • Over 20 Combinations & Patterns
  • In-depth Explanation of the Sexiest Dance Techniques Ever Recorded
  • Step by Step Instruction and Practice Sessions
  • Bachata Foreplay: Bold, Dramatic and unlike anything you have ever Seen Befo


"The Lessons were Absolutely Amazing!" - Microsoft Coors Field Denver Colorado

BachaZouk A new Fuzion between Bachata & Zouk with Lee "El Gringuito & Kat "La Gata" $24.95


BachaZouk created by Lee "El Gringuito" & Kat "La Gata" combines the sexy movement of Bachata and wild hair movements & body rolls of zouk in this new fusion of dances. The DVD teaches the footwork in Bachata & Zouk and then fuses both dances to create BachaZouk, an exciting & mesmerizing style of Bachata. Danced to Bachata music, BachaZouk provides dancers a unique opportunity to incorporate Zouk, a new form of Lambada, originating in Brazil. If you want to learn BachaZouk this is the ONLY DVD IN WORLD TEACHING THIS STYLE!

  • Over 80 Minutes of Running Time
  • Over 18 Combinations & Patterns
  • Basic Zouk Steps & Technique Explained by Willem Engel of
  • Step by Step Instruction and Practice Sessions


"The Most Comprehensive Beginner Salsa DVD ever Created!"

Flirting On The Floor with Salsa A Beginner's Guide to Sexy Salsa with Lee "El Gringuito" $24.95


Beginning to Flirt on The Dance Floor holds the key to unleashing your inner sex appeal through Latin dance. Before you twist your hips or salsa with confidence, you must learn the very basics. Lee "EL Gringuito" gives you simple step-by-step instructions in the privacy of your own home. What could be a more comfortable way to master the art of seduction? The combination of pulsating Latin music with the heat of this couples sultry moves will leave you in shape and ready to show off your new skills. Before you know it you'll be gliding across the dance floor with ease and confidence like you had butter on your heels. With over 90 minutes of instruction including a candid interview with the star of the DVD you gain not only the skills but, the "know how". This is truly an asset to anyone whether your looking to get in shape in a fun way, dance the night away with the love of your life or catch the eye of that certain someone. So do yourself a favor, watch this DVD and bring out the passion that lies with in you!



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